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Faux Stained Glass

  • Acrylicos Vallejo ArteDeco Liner Gold
    P171.00 Acrylicos Vallejo ArteDeco Liner Gold
    ArteDeco Liner is used for painting contours and reliefs. The colours have been manufactured with a new acrylic resin of extraordinary hardness, and adhere perfectly to all surfaces such as wood, cardboard and canvas,...
  • Judikins Diamond Glaze 2oz
    P323.00 Judikins Diamond Glaze 2oz
    Diamond Glaze (TM) Both a glaze and a glue! Glass clear Diamond Glaze (TM) can be applied directly over artwork for a raised finish. Mix with dye based inks to create your own custom colored glass paint for window cards...
  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)
    P370.00 Choose Options Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)
    Translucent Liquid Sculpey ATLS02, ATLS08 Translucent Liquid Sculpey is a terrific adhesive agent. Its adhesive qualities are activated only after baking. It increases the clay to clay bond between raw...