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Golden Pastes

Golden_-_Gel_-_Paste.jpgGOLDEN Pastes are tools that artists can use to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. Pastes used in conjunction with acrylic colors broaden working properties and expand creative possibilities.

Pastes differ from most gels in that they are opaque and may contain Marble Dust, Diatomaceous Earth, fibers, clays or other fillers resulting in a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties. Pastes can also be used to create textured foundations for painting.




reference: www.goldenpaints.com


Note: Actual appearance may vary.
  • Golden Fiber Paste 236ml
    P657.00 Golden Fiber Paste 236ml
    Fiber Paste - This medium offers a dry film that has the appearance of rough handmade paper. Skimming the product with a wet palette knife can make a smoother surface. When dry, it has an off-white color and is very...
  • Golden Hard Molding Paste 236ml
    P576.00 Golden Hard Molding Paste 236ml
    Hard Molding PasteThis product is similar to the regular Molding Paste, but develops a much harder film. When dry, it can be carved with hand or power tools, and is readily sandable. It can be used on rigid supports like...
  • Golden Light Molding Paste 236ml
    P624.00 Golden Light Molding Paste 236ml
    Light Molding PasteOriginally developed as a custom product for an artist whose large, abstract paintings were literally ripping the canvas from its stretcher bars. Mixtures made with this lightweight material allow an...
  • Golden Molding Paste 236ml
    P624.00 Golden Molding Paste 236ml
    Molding Paste (Regular)GOLDEN Molding Paste is similar to the consistency of GOLDEN Heavy Gels, yet the marble dust solids impart a unique feel due to the material's higher density. It is an opaque gray product that dries to...