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Oil Paints

Oil paint is the most popular medium widely used by so many artists. Artists today can choose from several oil paint brands and qualities. Oil paints are composed of pigments with linseed oil as a binder. The pigments in oil paints determine the paint quality.  Premier Grade Artist oil paints contain the highest quality pigments and they are the most expensive. Artist Quality oil paints have high pigment loads with less fillers and with a number of colors to choose from. Student Grade oil paints are more economical because they have less pigments and more filler.  For the beginner, China Made oil paints are now available with even less pigment and high loads of filler.

Most artists prefer working with oil paints because oil paints can be applied in numerous ways. One can thin it with solvents like turpentine and white spirits. Others choose to use painting mediums and glazing mediums to work in layers.  Some like to paint "alla prima" with a brush or a palette knife. Even with the final outcome of oil paints, artists can even choose the type of finish they desire by applying varnish - gloss or matte effect.