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Gamblin Artists' Oil Colors

Gamblin_-_Oil_Color_037ml.jpgGamblin oil colors are luscious, intense, pigment-rich colors. Colors that do not succumb to age. Colors true to historic working properties, in a palette carefully constructed by America's premier colorman.

Rather than copy any other style of paintmaking, Robert Gamblin developed his own. Made from the finest quality raw materials, Gamblin's oil paints invite artists to enjoy each color's unique tinting strength, transparency and texture.




reference: www.gamblincolors.com


Note: Actual colors may vary.
  • Gamblin Alizarin Crimson 37ml
    P995.00 Gamblin Alizarin Crimson 37ml
    Alizarin Crimson: Cool, slightly bluish red with smoky glaze. 19th century "lake" color made by the fusing a dye on to a substrate. Only Alizarin Crimson is still commonly used by painters today.Pigment: Synthetic 1:2...
  • Gamblin Asphaltum 37ml
    P782.00 Gamblin Asphaltum 37ml
    Asphaltum: A transparent brownish-black. One of the most popular colors of the 18th century recreated by Robert Gamblin, whose version is true to historic working properties - but lightfast and permanent. Pigment:...
  • Gamblin Black Spinel 37ml
    P1,073.00 Gamblin Black Spinel 37ml
    Black Spinel: This most permanent of blacks is the only truly neutral black in masstone and tint. Because of its pigment's crystalline shape, Black Spinel dries to a matte finish when no painting mediums are added. Long and...
  • Gamblin Brown Pink 37ml
    P697.00 Gamblin Brown Pink 37ml
    Brown Pink: A lightfast replacement for a popular color originally made from berries. Pigment: Transparent synthetic iron oxide, perylene (PR101, PR149), Vehicle: Alkali refined linseed oil Lightfastness I, Series 2,...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Green 37ml
    P1,118.00 Gamblin Cadmium Green 37ml
    Cadmium Green: A bright, light green mixture of Viridian and Cadmium Yellow. Opaque and useful to make muted colors of the natural world. No health labeling required.Pigment: Concentrated cadmium zinc sulfide, hydrated...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Orange 37ml
    P1,398.00 Gamblin Cadmium Orange 37ml
    Cadmium Orange: Gamblin Cadmium Colors are in regular chromatic steps from Cadmium Yellow Light through Cadmium Red Deep. Chemically pure Cadmium Orange is a medium opaque orange. No health labeling required.Pigment:...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Orange Deep 37ml
    P1,230.00 Gamblin Cadmium Orange Deep 37ml
    Cadmium Orange Deep: A regular chromatic step between Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Red Light. The color of day lilies in late summer. Chemically pure. No health labeling required.Pigment: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Red Deep 37ml
    P1,402.00 Gamblin Cadmium Red Deep 37ml
    Cadmium Red Deep: Darkest Cadmium Red with very muted tint. Consider Perylene Red if you prefer a brighter tint or mix Perylene Red with the tint of Cad Red Deep.Pigment: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR 108)Vehicle:...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Red Medium 37ml
    P1,667.00 Gamblin Cadmium Red Medium 37ml
    Cadmium Red Medium: Darker than Cadmium Red Light. Useful medium red with strong opaque masstone and muted tint; light will not penetrate its surface.Pigment: Concentrated cadmium sulfo-selenide (PR 108)Vehicle: Alkali...
  • Gamblin Cadmium Yellow Light 37ml
    P1,398.00 Gamblin Cadmium Yellow Light 37ml
    Cadmium Yellow Light: Cadmium Yellow Light is a bright, cool chemically pure Cadmium color - one step warmer than our Cadmium Lemon. Excellent opacityPigment: Concentrated cadmium zinc sulfide (PY 35)Vehicle: Alkali refined...
  • Gamblin Caucasian Flesh Tone 37ml
    P726.00 Gamblin Caucasian Flesh Tone 37ml
    Caucasian Flesh Tone: Base color for figure painting, less pink than most flesh tones on the market. To create base for other skin types, consider adding Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Van Dyke Brown or Venetian Red. Consider...
  • Gamblin Cerulean Blue 37ml
    P1,488.00 Gamblin Cerulean Blue 37ml
    Cerulean Blue: Mixed metal oxide from the early 19th century with an important place on the mineral palette because blues are rarely shifted to the cool, green side, like this one. Very muted in its tint so most valuable as...
  • Gamblin Cerulean Blue Hue 37ml
    P697.00 Gamblin Cerulean Blue Hue 37ml
    Cerulean Blue Hue: A medium, semi-transparent blue. Other Series 2 blues are transparent, so Robert Gamblin formulated this color for painters looking for more opacity at a reasonable price. Cerulean Blue Hue has a higher...
  • Gamblin Chromatic Black 37ml
    P671.00 Gamblin Chromatic Black 37ml
    Chromatic Black: A neutral, tinting black made from complementary colors rather than the usual carbon or iron oxide blacks.Pigment: Chlorinated and bromated phthalocyanine, quinacridone red b (PG36, PV19), Vehicle: Alkali...
  • Gamblin Chromium Oxide Green 37ml
    P706.00 Gamblin Chromium Oxide Green 37ml
    Chromium Oxide Green: A muted, earthy, very opaque green used by landscape painters. Pigment: Anhydrous chromium sesquioxide (PG17) Vehicle: Alkali refined linseed oil Lightfastness I, Series 3, OPAQUE   reference: www...
  • Gamblin Cobalt Green 37ml
    P1,073.00 Gamblin Cobalt Green 37ml
    Cobalt Green: An undervalued cool green with moderate masstone and very muted tint. No combination of blue and yellow will yield this unusual color of the American Southwest. Pigment: Oxides of cobalt and zinc (PG 19) ...