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Other Moldmaking and Casting Materials

  • AMACO Balsa-Foam
    P502.00 AMACO Balsa-Foam
    Carves like butter,Paints like wood! Balsa-Foam is different from other plastic foams because it can be easily carved with traditional and non-traditional hand tools to create the shape and design you want. It can then be...
  • AMACO Carving Wax 16oz
    P725.00 AMACO Carving Wax 16oz
    Carving Wax is the product of choice for delicate and detailed sculptures. It has a very fine texture and can be finished to a glass like surface. Sculptors will love its response to easy carving. It is a hard material but...
  • Kneadatite Blue Yellow Epoxy Putty Bars
    P990.00 Kneadatite Blue Yellow Epoxy Putty Bars
    Kneadatite Blue/Yellow ("Green Stuff") is a two-part epoxy/polyamide sealant/adhesive for interior and exterior maintenance and repair. It has excellent adhesion to stone, ceramic, metal, wood and many plastics, including...
  • Plaster of Paris 1kg
    P32.00 Plaster of Paris 1kg
    Plaster of Paris is widely used for so many craft projects. It can be used for mold making, mask making and ceramic figurines. Mix it with water, mold and once cured you can paint it with acrylic paint...
  • Sculpey® Mold Maker™
    P518.00 Sculpey® Mold Maker™
    Mold Maker™   Mold Maker is designed to create permanent, flexible push molds in a matter of minutes. Ideal for repairing picture frames or sculptures, Mold Maker can also be used to make...