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Kato Polymer Clay Tools and Accessories

Kato Tools were designed by polymer clay artist Donna Kato for artists.  The blades are essential for slicing canes, beads and other polymer clay techniques.  All are made in the U.S.A. in the highest quality of materials.

  • Kato Clay Roller™
    P583.00 Kato Clay Roller™
    Kato Clay Roller™Polymer Clay Roller. Solid acrylic rod. Helps condition clay. Rolls clay sheets. Smoothes clay surfaces. 8" length. Non-stick surface. Wipe with alcohol for easy clean-up. Perfect travel size...
  • Kato NuBlade+™
    P466.00 Kato NuBlade+™
    Kato Repel Gel™ Manufactured exclusively for polymer clay. Cuts large and small canes. Resistance to torque and twist through clay make the Kato Nublade+™ essential for precision cane making. This most basic...
  • Kato Poly Paste™ 3/4oz
    P279.00 Kato Poly Paste™ 3/4oz
    Kato Poly Paste™The only adhesive made specifically for bonding polymer clay. Its heavy paste consistency allows pieces to grip to one another while curing. Make permanent repairs and fill cracks. Also can be used as a...
  • Kato Repel Gel™ 3/4oz
    P224.00 Kato Repel Gel™ 3/4oz
    Kato Repel Gel™Repel Gel is a non-toxic water soluble polymer clay medium. Repel Gel prevents polymer clay from adhering to itself while curing. It can also be used as a mold and stamp release. Create braids, loops,...

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